Hrmony on the Sound Chorus Leadership

Harmony on the Sound Chorus thrives in part because of the commitment of the people in leadership. Our administration is made up of a ten person management team, and we also have an extensive music team that works with our director to ensure our members are comfortable with the product and singing to their best abilities.



Management Team




Team Coordinator, Mary Ellen Hass

Facilitates team meetings. Acts as liaison between team and chapter, and between chapter and region/international headquarters. Oversees updating of chapter standing rules.  Appoints nominating committee chair, reviews job descriptions and recommends revisions. Distributes weekly chapter newsletter. Oversees performance of team members.




Master Director, Karen Sweeters


Oversees music programs, education, music selection, music team development, auditions, performance management, visual program, costuming, make-up and quartet promotion.



Financial Coordinator Rita Marber


Collects dues, deposits and disburses all chapter monies, prepares monthly treasury report and yearly budget, arranges annual audit and prepares tax returns.



Funds Development, Corky Montepara 

Creates and gathers ideas for fundraising, and implements campaigns. Oversees the flow of monies raised through all fundraising efforts, including performances.



Housing Coordinator, Penny Schroeder


Organizes rehearsal facilities, maintains storage room, provides opener and closer schedules to members, oversees set-up and breakdown of rehearsal hall and arranges transportation of risers as needed.



Events Coordinator, Michelle Andersen


Coordinates retreats, organizes intra-chapter social activities, facilitates registration for regional and international events and plans yearly installation dinner.



Marketing Coordinator, Patti Lavernoich

Promotes & publicizes chapter events, develops community awareness, maintains chapter website, maintains mailing lists for chapter events, maintains media contact lists, submits articles for regional newsletter, works with membership on membership drives, oversees chorus merchandising efforts, approves all materials sent out to the public, organizes festival bookings, solicits performance opportunities.



Performance Coordinator, Colleen McMorran


Oversees all aspects of performance preparation, such as communicating with venues and their personnel to coordinate lighting, sound, rehearsal times and costs.  


 Debbie McGrath

Membership Coordinator, Debbie McGrath

Oversees membership development, facilitates visitor orientation, facilitates new member registration & orientation, oversees big sister program and membership retention, insures communication with Sweet Adelines Headquarters, maintains chapter membership files, chapter membership list, chapter mailboxes, member name tags, chapter e-group, music file cabinet, visitor music notebooks, historical records and initiates secret pal program.



 Sarah Macci

New Member Coordinator, Sarah Macci

Facilitates sunshine program, provides support for new members, transmits new members' questions and concerns to the management team, runs weekly business meeting and coordinates newbie classes.



Sarah Macci

Secretary, Sarah Macci


Takes minutes at the Management Team Meetings and at all chorus meetings.  Ensures that all MT members receive copies of the minutes and makes the same available to the chorus.  Keeps accurate files of minutes and other important chorus documents.




Music Team

Directing Team

The Director oversees the chorus educational plan and progress while the Associate Directors manage the Music Team.  Their responsibilities are split up in several ways.  One of which is:  Lisa coordinates progress of Tenor and Lead Sections, and Chris coordinates progress of Baritone and Bass Sections.

KarenSweetersNew  LisaGiorgio  ChrisBosse

 Karen Sweeters

Master Director


Lisa Giorgio

Associate Director

 Chris Bosse

Associate Director


The music team is run by a group called the "Hub."  It consists of several members who are experts in their areas.  They, along with the associate directors, meet regularly with the director and management team coordinator to discuss the business of the chorus as it applies to the music.  The hub coordinators are:


Pockets Coordinator

Wendy Cudmore

The HOTS Chorus is split up into smaller groups in each section called Pockets.  These groups are organized by geography, and each Pocket is assigned a leader from the music team who is responsible for ensuring their members are "Readied" by checking musical skills and note and word accuracy.  The Pocket Coordinator oversees all Pocket Leaders in the chorus for Readiness deadlines and Pocket work.  She meets with Pocket Leaders to make sure all leaders are following the same guidelines when informing members of the expectations of the Readiness Program.



Newbie Coordinator

Linda Polley

Organizes, plans and schedules education and immersion of new members and guests.  She oversees Guest Mentors, musical tools, and resources for the guests, including practice quartet preparation through audition.  She schedules, in conjunction with the Education Coordinator, Newbie Bootcamp.  Working with the New Member Coordinator, she acclimates new members to the musical side of the chorus.

Linda Polley


Learning Media Coordinator

Chris Bosse

Oversees all chorus learning media: video, learning recordings, music notation, and music library.  She coordinates music notation and learning recordings as needed after each coaching session, ensuring the chorus has the most up-to-date tools.  She also facilitates video recording of rehearsals, and she works with the Music Librarian to make sure the most current music is available at rehearsals.



Visual and Character Coordinator

Kristen Walsh

Organizes a team to create a visual plan, including choreography, costuming and characterization.  She oversees the development in theses areas, ensuring deadlines are met in order for the chorus to receive the information in a timely manner.




Hub/Music Team Secretary

Lorraine Mancini

Takes minutes at the Hub Meetings and at Music Team Meetings as needed.  Keeps accurate files of minutes and distributes as directed. Makes arrangements for coaches, coordinating their transportation and schedule.  Keeps track of the PVI schedule and any other needed materials needed by the Directing Team and Hub.






The music team members are:




    Annette Landry             WendyCudmore         ChrisBosse        MargaretJackins

      Annette Landry         Wendy Cudmore          Chris Bosse           Margaret Jackins

        Tenor Coach                Lead Coach          Baritone Coach            Bass Coach



SueSchneider  JoanTreadwell JudyLang 

 Sue Schneider


Pocket Leader

Joan Treadwell


Pocket Leader

 Judy Lang


Pocket Leader




CorkyMontepara NoraKurimai Lynda Kupson  MaureenGulick

Corky Montepara


Pocket Leader

Nora Kurimai


Pocket Leader

Lynda Kupson


Pocket Leader

Maureen Gulick


Pocket Leader


EditeWeddle ColleenMcMorran PennySchroeder

Edite Weddle


Pocket Leader

Colleen McMorran


Pocket Leader

Penny Schroeder


Pocket Leader  



PamSimon PattiLavernoich JeanFiorella

 Pam Simon


Pocket Leader

Patti Lavernoich


Pocket Leader

Jean Fiorella


Pocket Leader



In addition to our music team, we are fortunate to have the expertise of:


JaneTamarkin GinaKaiser 

Jane Tamarkin

Character and Performance Specialist,


Gina Kaiser

Visual Specialist, Choreographer,

Showmanship Judge


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